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Young People Should Continue to Invest Aggressively

With an economy that has been struggling, young people are a little weary of investments. The job market is difficult for young individuals, the stock market seems sketchy and there aren’t a lot of extra funds to be locked up in 401(k)s, mutual funds or CDs. Money may be tighter and having less than 100Read More

What to Do When Going Back to School Isn’t an Option

If you’re feeling like your career opportunities are dwindling and your job may actually even be at risk, there’s always one place you can turn to: Higher education. Whether it’s a college diploma, masters degree or even a Ph.D, higher education may seem like the answer to any career-related predicament. It really isn’t. For manyRead More

Prepare Your Holiday Finances Now

It’s September, which means it’s time to get your finances prepared for the upcoming holidays. Does it seem too early to you? Well, in reality, it’s never too early to start setting aside money for the holiday season, especially if you’re in a financial crunch like so many Americans are this year. Rather than waitRead More

How to Start a Budget Before Breaking the Bank: A Disciplinary Approach

When it comes to financial health, the key is to have a proper plan in place before problems begin to occur. It’s much easier to maintain a positive balance in your bank account by being proactive rather than trying to make up for a loss after you’ve messed up. Of course, it’s easy to talkRead More