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Managing Your Home Business Schedule: Keep the Lights On

When it comes to your home business schedule, things can get a little tight. For the most part, I have a pretty consistent schedule for running my home For the most part, I have a pretty consistent schedule for running my home business. I get up and answer email and take care of a few

How to Stop Worrying about the Joneses

We hear all the time that we need to stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. And it’s true. Chances are that you are keeping up with the Joneses debt, rather than keeping up with them in any other way. You can also experience a great deal of peace of mind once you stop

How to Invest in Real Estate When You Don’t Have a lot of Capital

When many of us think of real estate investing, we think of the need for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Whether you plan to buy land you can later sell to a developer, purchase a rental property or invest in a fixer-upper to flip at a profit, you usually need a large chunk of capital.

Will FCC Reclassification of the Internet Matter to Your Wallet?

One of the more interesting developments in recent months was the announcement by the Federal Communications Commission that it will reclassify the Internet as a public utility. Champions of Net Neutrality celebrated the idea that the FCC reclassification is expected to prevent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from charging extra for faster data, and from blocking

Have You Thought of Your End of Life Insurance Needs?

None of us wants to think about dying. However, it is important our mortality, and consider ways that we can prepare our families for the financial realities that come with our passing. As you consider your end of life insurance needs, here are a few things to consider: Life Insurance If you want your dependents

Underemployment on the Rise: Is a College Degree Worth It?

According to a recent story on CNN Money, the unemployment rate for college grads is down to five percent. This is an improvement over the seven percent unemployment rate seen in 2011, and it still beats the national average. However, just because college graduates can get jobs a little easier than they could three or