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The Ultimate Resource Guide to Parenting Multiples

Parents of single babies will already tell about the difficulties of caring for a baby. Women who are expecting multiples or mothers of multiples will certainly be facing even more difficulties. If you have twins, you will have almost twice the amount of stress in comparison to a mother who’s raising a single child. When the twins cry for any matter which can range from hunger, diaper change, discomfort, illness, and so on, it is double trouble. For breastfeeding mothers, it’s quite hard to feed one baby on one breast at the same time though some mothers can do it. Also, the mothers will have to produce more milk to feed the twins adequately.

There are also complications associated with multiple births. Typically, twins, triplets, quads, and higher multiples will be born prematurely. This will increase the risk of mortality for both the mother and the babies. If you are pregnant with multiple babies, it’s very important that you monitor every stage of the pregnancy carefully. It’s also recommended that you visit your doctor more frequently than normal.

In terms of money, parents of multiples have to spend more than parents of singletons. With rising costs, it can be a burden to buy multiple quantities of diapers, formula milk, toys, clothes, and other necessities. As the babies grow older, there’s also a need to buy multiple cribs, prams, baby chairs, car seats, and so on. Even for vaccinations, you have to may multiple times. Another problem is that multiple babies tend to contract illnesses together so you have to be prepared to spend more for doctor fees.

It’s quite impossible to raise a baby on your own. Caring for a newborn baby from day to night, 24 hours without any break, can be overwhelming. This is why mothers need assistance and mothers of multiples will need even more assistance. There will be clothes to be washed, food to be cooked for the mother and the family, cleaning to be done, and other chores to be done. After some time, you will also need to prepare food for the multiples, which will require more time and money. Some parents will tell you that it can be hard to spoon feed a single baby so you can imagine how hard it can be to feed multiples.

Mothers of multiples usually complain of tiredness due to lack of sleep and extra energy which is used to care for the babies. For this reason, it’s not surprising that some mothers of multiples will suffer from depression. It’s extremely important that parents of multiples make early preparations and plans so that they will not be surprised by the challenges of bringing up multiple babies. Parenthood is a journey which lasts a lifetime. When it starts, there’s really no turning back. While the challenges of parenting multiples are multiplied, it’s also worth to remember that the rewards and joys will also be multiplied.

Here’s the ultimate resource guide to parenting multiples.