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Author Archives: timothyng

Using Credit Cards For Business Expenses

Getting a credit card for your business is a part of everyday business. But so many consumers do it wrong. Small businessmen use their personal cards for business expenses and get confused and out of sorts. There a lot of cons to attaching business expenses to a personal credit card. There are nuances and finesses… Read More

The Psychology Of Wealth: 5 Things We Can Learn From Successful Entrepreneurs

Wealth is always regarded as elusive, but numbers suggest otherwise. Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Report reports that as of mid-2010, there were over 24 million High Net Worth Individuals—people with at least $1 million of investible assets, excluding home value—in the world. As The Economist put it, there are literally more millionaires than there are… Read More

Credit Card Golden Rules for Retirees

Retirement brings a great many things, but an increased income is usually not one of them. Learning to live on a fixed income, one that is probably less than they were used to, can be quite a jolt for some seniors, and a re-examination of their finances is definitely called for before anyone gives up… Read More

Guide To Teaching Your Kids About Money and Finance

Do you remember how old you were when you began learning about finance, savings, and budgeting? For me my earliest memory of any financial teaching was seeing my Mother and Father sitting at the dinner table each week furiously scribbling on scraps of paper, and discussing how little money they had left for groceries that… Read More

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