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Author Archives: NRichardson

4 Tips for Strategic Credit Card Use

Because of their seductive nature, and their high interest rates, credit cards are regularly maligned. However, there are some good points to credit cards – beyond the fact that they represent the easiest way to build a credit history. Credit cards are convenient, come with a number of purchase protections, and can even be used

6 Investing Websites Sure to Make You a Better Investor

Are you dazed and confused when it comes to picking the right stock or even the best CD rate? Or are you are looking for direction to learn more about stock investing? If so, then we can help. There are some great financial resources available online to help you with your investment decisions.  Here is a

Different Types of Careers in Finance – and Their Salaries

Are you looking to score a great career in the financial arena? With everyone trying to save money, unemployment rate near double figures, prospective job applicants are looking for careers that offer security and the opportunity for advancement. If you want to land that cushy finance job, be sure to select the right major and obtain