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Author Archives: Credit Card Forum

Are Individuals Allowed To Use Business Credit Cards?

Anyone that pays attention to credit card rewards knows that often times, the ones for business have the most generous programs. Why is that? Is it possible for individuals to get these cards, too? Business credit cards are more profitable First and foremost, these cards are huge money makers for banks. Actually, let me re-phrase… Read More

Will 2% Become The New Norm For Credit Card Rewards?

The first credit cards to offer a rebate on spending were the AT&T Universal Card and the Discover cash back cards, both of which made their debut in the eighties. Of course since then, it’s become the norm for credit cards to dole out cash back, reward points, and airline miles for your purchases. For… Read More

5 Tips For Using Secured Credit Cards To Rebuild Credit

After going through the worst financial crash since the Great Depression, it comes as no surprise that many Americans have been left with their credit in ruins. Rebuilding credit is always a challenge but it’s especially hard to do these days, considering how much stricter the banks are with giving out credit. For this reason… Read More

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