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At Personal Dividends, we explore topics related to money, personal finance, careers, business, lifestyle, family, health, culture, etc. In short, every topic that makes life “rich”. There is a rich mix of expertise, passion and real life experience here and we welcome all voices to add to this.

What is Wealth? How do you know when you are Wealthy?

We believe that wealth is a consequence of your life’s journey. Desire, inspiration, creativity, passion, determination and faith in your abilities are the ingredients. Mix them well and go boldly forward to reach your goals. Wealth will follow.

And when you are hitting your stride, and everything looks effortless, you have found true wealth.

Your life’s journey is your own. We are here to share ideas, nuggets and nudges to help you get there.

Money, business, health, lifestyle, family, relationships, creative pursuits are all part of this quest. Everyone of us here is an expert in his or her own way in things that matter to them. We are all here to learn and share and better ourselves and the community. Share, and you shall receive. The joys of life, goals achieved, things well done, successes; in short, your Personal Dividends.

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